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McCollum Pioneer Park

Track Phone:  

Email Address:

Location:  600 128th St. S.E. Everett, WA   Directions to & from McCollum Park

Park Rules:
No Alcohol, No Glass Containers
Bring and use bike locks, No riding in the parking lot, No climbing on the trees or fences.
HELMETS must have ear & temple coverage

Getting started in BMX visit the USA BMX website.

ABA 2013 Rulebook
Offical 2013 Rulebook

What will I need to race?
A lot less than you’d think! You, the rider, will need to show up at the track with the following clothing/stuff: Long pants, jeans are fine and even recommended A long-sleeved shirt, nothing fancy A pair of good shoes that you are comfortable riding in, A helmet. All you need is a cheap motocross-style helmet. You don’t even really need a visor. If you do not own a helmet, don’t let that stop you. Your local track may have loaner helmets for new riders. I do not think it would be a bad idea to wear some sort of gloves, even the 99-cent gardeners’ gloves from the hardware store, but those are NOT mandatory. You can race without gloves. Except for the helmet, chances are you have all that stuff already. What about your bike? It should have 20″ wheels both front and rear. Riders under age six or so can usually show up on any kind of bike, period—12″ wheels, 16″, heck, some tracks even have Big Wheel races. If you have a “cruiser” or mountain bike with 24″ or 26″ wheels, that’s okay, too, but you should call your local track for advice. Many tracks will let you race a mountain bike in the “Cruiser” class! Your bike should meet the following standards:You should take ALL the reflectors off. Take the kickstand and chainguard off, as well. This is to prevent injury in a wreck. Your bike should have pads on the “top tube”, “stem”, and “crossbar”. Most BMX bikes already have these pads—if not, $5 at the local shop should set you up. Some tracks keep loaner pads around. The bike should have at least one working brake. That includes the coaster brake, if that’s all you’ve got. The bike should be in safe working order. Your local track can help you get your bike up to this standard if necessary. Tie a paper plate to your handlebars. That’s your number plate. When you get to the track, they’ll give you a number to put on it. Don’t worry about being a “geek”. A LOT of people run paper plates. ALL of us can remember using a paper plate at some time or another. That’ s all you will need. Bring whatever tools you own, and an air pump if you have one.

What will the race be like when I get there?
It’s going to be a little confusing and scary to begin with to show up at a new track. Don’t worry. Try to show up a little early your first time two hour before the race actually begins. The first thing for you to do is to find the registration building, tent or trailer. That’s where you will sign up and get your membership. Make sure to tell them you’ve never done this before. Once that’s over with, take a walk on and around the track. If practice is going on, you may have to walk along the side, but do it anyway. Try to remember where all the jumps are. That way, when you ride the track for the first time, you will have seen all this stuff before.

Now it’s time to practice. Put your helmet and stuff on and follow everybody else up to the starting gate. Watch to see what everyone else does and where they go. The best thing for a beginner to do is to put his front wheel against the starting gate, keeping one foot on a pedal and the other one on the ground. You’ll see people balancing against the gate when it drops. Don’t worry about that. Just start pedaling when the gate drops. Go nice and slow the first five, ten, or how ever many times you need to feel comfortable. Remember, you can always go a little faster NEXT time if you don’t want to this time.

Sooner or later, practice will end and the “motos” will be posted. You should talk to the people at the registration tent about where your particular race will be posted and how the race actually works. Here’s the basics: You will be in a “moto” with other riders about your age. You will line up with the other people in your “moto” in the “staging” area. When your group is called, you’ll go up and race! This will probably happen three or four times, depending on the system your track uses, and then it’ll be time to go home. You might get a trophy, or maybe not.

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